• Use of the arena is entirely at the hirer’s own risk. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check the arena before entering to ensure it has been left in a safe condition prior to commencement of activity

  • In case of emergency all hirers are responsible for ensuring they are aware and make others aware of the Fire Exits and Fire Assembly Points, which can be found on the Health & Safety board in the office. In the event that a landline is not accessible during the hire period, hirers must ensure they have use of a mobile phone in the event of an emergency.

  • All Pewsey Vale Livery staff are trained in basic first-aid and will assist if available in the event of an emergency. Staff are NOT always available (particularly after hours) and they will NOT be monitoring users of the Arena. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure safety of them and anyone who has entered the school with them. It is recommended for flatwork and compulsory for jumping that hirers are always accompanied by a responsible person (preferably first aid trained) during their periods using the school.

  • All riders must wear protective headgear conforming to BSI standards at all times when mounted, including warming up. Back protectors are recommended.

  • Correct footwear and clothing to be worn at all times. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure this rule is met. Pewsey Vale Livery staff will be happy to give advice if required.

  • It is the hirers responsibility to collect any droppings from the arena before the next booked slot, this may require leaving a few minutes early in order to return and poo pick. Droppings must be removed to the Dung Heap. Any one found to be flaunting this rule will be subject to a £10 fine and future bookings will be refused until this is paid.

  • No hay or feed is permitted within the arena.

  • No Loose Schooling is Allowed. Any one found to be loose schooling will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will be issued.

  • All equipment to be put back where it was found before the next slot. This may require leaving a few minutes early in order to return and remove equipments.

  • Any damage caused to the property belonging to Pewsey Vale Livery or Bryan Read Ltd will be charged to the hirer at the new replacement value plus fitting and any carriage costs, if required the hirer may be responsible for covering costs of any future slots which have to be cancelled as a result of the damage. Hirers are responsible for ensuring any damage from previous hirers is reported prior to commencing their session, if this is not done Pewsey Vale Livery may charge the hirer for the damage. Any damage caused during the hirers session must be reported immediately to Pewsey Vale Livery and the remainder of the session may need to be cancelled. No refund will be issued for this.

  • Litter is to be taken home with you.

  • It is the hirers responsibility to ensure they are properly insured for the activity they pursue in the arena.

  • It is the hirers responsibility to ensure Arena lights are switched off after use. If light are found to be left on after a slot the hirer will be charged for the electric used plus an administrative fee of £10 for the period the lights were on.

  • External Customers will be required to show evidence that their horse meets the following vaccination Criteria:-
    Tetanus – Annually
    Influenza – Within the Last 6 Months
    Failure to provide this evidence prior to entering/unloading will result in cancellation of their slot, no refund will be issued and future bookings will be banned and removed from the calendar. Any Veterinary costs incurred will be chargeable to the customer/customers in question.

  • Cancellations within the last 24hrs before booked slot will not be entitled to a refund.

  • The Hirer agrees to the storage of their data by Pewsey Vale Livery both on pewseyvalelivery.co.uk and in any office owned by Bryan Read Ltd, and that any member of staff employed by Bryan Read Ltd may use their information to contact them with adjustments to bookings or marketing material. The privacy policy of pewseyvalelivery.co.uk can be found at: https://pewseyvalelivery.co.uk/privacy-policy/

  • Pewsey Vale Livery reserves the right to change or cancel any slot without prior warning or consent. This will only occur in very severe situations and refunds will be issued where it is not a result of the hirers actions.

  • Foul language and inappropriate behaviour by the hirer or anyone accompanying them will result is the hirer being asked to leave the property. No refund will be issued and future bookings will be removed.

  • Pewsey Vale Livery reserves the right to refuse hire of arenas and remove bookings with out warning.

  • Customers must ensure they use the correct form. any External customer bookings made through the livery form will be removed. If any external riders are to be present during the hire period the booking must be made through the external customer form regardless of whether a livery customer is making the booking.